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This is the website of the Planeshift guild Bards Association.


The goal of the Bards Association is to bring together all those who are thirsty for knowledge and beauty, but at the same time are wishing to share it. The association is open not only to the bards in the classical sense, but also to researchers and scholars who wish to disseminate their knowledge, or to those who simply sympathize with culture and art. Members are asked to adhere to a few simple rules: keep a neutral attitude towards the laws and the guilds... and be friendly! The main iniciative of the Bards Association has been the Guilds & Traders Journal, the newspaper of the Dome, (now closed) whose mission is to inform people about the most important events, merchants and guilds. Nevertheless, the Bards Association aims to promote other initiatives, which are also related to the dissemination of knowledge, art and forms of entertainment.


Look, Think, Inform!


The roles available in the association are varied and include a wide range of tasks. They are divided into two main categories: "Bards" and "Lorekeepers". If you have no interest in doing art but you like to support the cause, you are Lorekeeper.


The Bards Association was born from the need to give greater credibility and support to the Guilds & Traders Journal. It's also an opportunity to unite forces that would otherwise be divided. Although it is Raikana Plip the founder of the Guilds & Traders Journal, from the first moment that her niece Zakena Plip has taken its reins she took her steps in order to create an association that would unite all those who love to collect and disseminate knowledge. Being a bard, she wanted to extend the invitation to those who find alternative, personal, artistic ways to share their point of view. She decided to start small, creating an unofficial group, the Press Association, and seeking alliances and partnerships that could help the association to support itself; the newspaper had become free for readers and supporters were necessary. Thanks to her perseverance she was able to sustain herself over time, thanks to the generous donations of her supporters, until the time has come to formalize. The Press Association became Bards Association, including among the potential members also scholars, artists, researchers, storytellers and all those who wish to share their knowledge.